B & W Housing Development, LLC

Community Resources & Contact Information

The following sections list information, directions, phone numbers, and web links that you may need to help your move into our neighborhood go more smoothly.

Law Enforcement and Emergency Information


Non-emergency: (864) 487-2747
Non-emergency: (864) 596-2222
Non-emergency: (864) 429-1612
Non-emergency: (803) 628-3059
Neighborhood Watch

Our community is fortunate to have a neighborhood watch program. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every other month at 6:30pm in the fellowship hall of the Oakdale Baptist Church at 231 Oakdale Road. We hope you will participate in this program as it is set up for the benefit of everyone in our area.

School Information

School Contact Info
Bus Transportation Office
(864) 902-3646
School Bus Schedule

The bus stops at the entrance to Oak Court, Warlick Road, Bambi Trail, Whitetail Way, and Deer Creek Court. The morning bus runs at approximately 6:30am; the afternoon elementary bus at approximately 3:00pm; and the afternoon high school bus at approximately 4:00pm.

Utilities Information

Utility Contact Info
811 Hamrick Street
Gaffney SC, 29340
Cherokee County Building Codes
(864) 487-2561
Goucher Water Company
682 Asbury Road
Pacolet, SC 29372
(855) 701-9785
(855) 243-8892
  1. Deposit for Broad River electric power is based on credit score. Broad River offers a pre-paid electric power service also.
  2. If the power is off more than seven days before you move into the home, you must contact building codes to have an inspection done before you can have the power turned on. 
  3. Deposit for Goucher water is $100.00 due at time of connection. This deposit includes the membership fee and deposit for services. 
  4. B & W Housing Development is not responsible for the installation of telephone jacks in the homes in our development. Most of the homes have jacks, but if they do not or you would like jacks in rooms other than the ones there when you moved in, you must pay for installation.
  5. Most of the homes in our community have already been wired for cable. If your home has not had cable run, the cable company must install the cable up through the floor of the home. No cable of any type is to be run through the outside wall of the home. If this is done, you will be financially responsible for fixing the damage.

Other Helpful Information

Trash Disposal—Individual trash bins are assigned to each home in our development. Cherokee County Solid Waste comes every Friday morning to pick up all household trash. Only household trash can be thrown into the trash bins. If it is not household trash, It must be taken to the Cherokee County Landfill.

Animal Control—Any animal running loose in our neighborhood is a violation of the owner's lease. All animals must be chained or fenced according to Cherokee County law. If you experience problems with an animal running loose, please contact animal control officers at (864) 487-8529.

Mail Delivery—Mail is delivered Monday through Saturday. Oak Court, Warlick Road, Emily Lane, Whitetail Way, and Bambi Trail have sets of mailboxes at the entrance to the roads. Persons living on Oakdale Road, Deer Creek Court and Acorn Drive must provide their own mailboxes.

Heating and Cooling Systems—All heating and cooling systems are inspected and cleaned before any resident moves into a home in our community. If you are on a one year lease and you have problems with your system, pleae call the office immediately. We will contact a service person immediately. Please keep in mind that we have no control over the schedule of an outside contractor, but your problem will be dealt with as soon as possible. If you are renting to own, you are responsible for all maintenance issues that arise. You may call any heating and air company you wish.

Smoke Detectors—We furnish each home with smoke detectors. You are responsible for changing the batteries in your smoke detectors as needed. When the batteries get low, the detector usually emits a chirping sound.